• Tenshi no Yuwaku 720ml


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    Size: 720 ml

    Type of Shochu: Otsu Rui

    Main Ingredient: Sweet Potato (IMO)

    Alcohol: 40

    Distillery Location: Kagoshima Prefecture

    Food Pairings: Chocolate, Fruits, Dried Fruits

    Tasting Notes: Believing that good shochu, like a good harvest, is nothing less than a gift from the earth, Nishi Shuzo only uses potatoes and rice grown by local farmers. Additionally the brewery itself is surrounded by mountains, and thus they are blessed with good water.  Tenshi no Yuwaku has been

    Distillery: Nishi (founded: 1845)

    Located Satsuma county of Kagoshima prefecture, and established in 1909. Their motto is "Kodawari" and they feel free to pursue their "Kodawari" because Komaki Jozo is a family-run business. Koadawari is, roughly translated, the uncompromising pursuit of perfection.