• Tatenokawa Komyo DEWASANSAN Junmai Daiginjo 720ml

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    Size: 720 

    Class: Junmai Daiginjo

    Sake Meter Value: -2

    Rice: Dewasansan

    Rice-Polishing Ratio: 1%

    Brewery Location: Yamagata Prefecture

    Food Pairings: Sashimi, Carpaccio, soft cheese.  Suits vegetarian dishes: steamed vegetables, tofu, chilled light vegetable soup

    Tasting Notes: Achieving what no other sake brewery in history was able to accomplish, this rare and extremely limited bottling by Tatenokawa Shuzo of Yamagata Prefecture was the first and only sake of it's kind. Many questioned the necessity of toppeling the challenge of brewing sake with rice grains polished to 1%, but it was precisely because there existed a challenge to overcome which other brewers could not crack that toji Junpei Sato, Tatenokawa Shuzo's master sake brewer, rose to respond. What he then found could only be experienced when attempting to brew with these incredibly special 1% rice grains. The name "Komyo" is a wish to "surpass unprecedented challenges and open doors to new experiences in the bright, yet-unimagined world of Sake". We humbly invite the curious to luxuriate in the transcendence and satisfaction brought forth by this sake made in this unbelievable new world.

    Brewery:  Tatenokawa Shuzo (founded: 1832)

    Tatenokawa was the first Sake Brewery in Yamagata who decided to brew exclusively Junmai Daiginjo class sake, and hope to continue to do so while providing their high quality merchandise at an affordable price. Nearly all of the rice they use to brew is locally grown Miyama Nishiki and Dewasansan.  In 2014, ANA International picked this sake for their First Class and Business Class sake.