Tamano Hikari Classic Junmai Ginjo 1.8L


Size: 1.8 L

Class: Junmai Ginjo, Yamahai

Rice: Yamada Nishiki & Others

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 60%

Brewery Location: Kyoto

Food Pairings: Yakitori, Steak, Hotpot "Nabe"

Tasting Notes: This 'classic' sake has a rich and pillowy texture, pleasant acidity and great depth of flavor. The Yamahai brewing method is utilized, which doubles the skill and time required to brew - the Yamahai method employs strict temperature and cleanliness controls to foster the growth of a rich, healthy and natural brew high in peptides and umami components as well as natural lactic acid. This sake is best enjoyed warmed in the winter, but chilling draws out a tight vibrancy that is positively delicious. 

Awards: 2014 LA Wine Competition Gold Medal

Brewery: Tamano Hikari Brewery (founded: 1673)

For over 300 years, Tamano Hikari Brewery has been working their hardest to brew supreme quality sake. Their motto is that "Good Sake comes from Good Rice" and so they polish all of their sake rice - obtained through contracts with private farmers - within the walls of their brewery.  They were one of the first to halt the use of additives like alcohol and sugar, but were also the first to halt use of preservatives, and basically reestablished Junmai sake. In 1980, they added Ginjo style sake to their repertoire.  Now almost all the sake they produce is Junmai Ginjo style.