Sakura Yamakawa 750ml


Size: 750 ml

Type of Shochu: Otsu Rui (Awamori Kuusu)

Main Ingredient:  Thai rice

Alcohol: 43

Distillery Location: Okinawa Prefecture

Food Pairings: Pairs easily with richer dishes, and brings out the flavor of companion ingredients.

Tasting Notes: This Awamori is a blend of 5 ~15 years Kuusu (aged Awamori); has pronounced aroma of roasted almond, hazelnut, dark chocolate, honey, toffee and vanilla. Full bodied, umami rich, layered flavors of tasted grains and nuts, very long finish.

Distillery: Yamakawa Shuzo (founded: 1946)

The northern region of Okinawa Island has long been referred to as Yanbaru, a name that is not seen on maps. Yamakawa Shuzo is situated at the bank of Manna River, where the water flows through the rich nature of Yaedake in Motobu Town. Their Awamori is distilled using this clear, pure water that flows in abundance from the mountains which gives the Awamori a deep and mellow taste and with a sweet aroma, and is referred to as “Awamori, the Art of Sake.” In order to make high quality Kusu, the young Awamori must also be of a high quality.