Narutotai Nama Genshu 720ml


Size:  720 ml

Class: Nama Genshu Ginjo

Rice: Sasanishiki

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 55%

Brewery Location: Tokushima Prefecture

Food Pairings: Best served chilled.  Pairs with most dishes.

Tasting Notes:  This Nama Genshu(Draft) sake has a sweet and refreshingly fruity aroma.  It is dry with great acidity.

  Honke Matsuura Sake Brewery (founded: 1830)

Established in 1804 with the motto "For the happy smiles of our customers.  While valuing history and tradition, Delight your customers.  We will continue to make delicious sake unique to Naruto sea bream. Sticking to all Tokushima Prefecture rice, Listening to the voices of producers.   We are deepening our knowledge of raw materials for better sake brewing.  We use a lot of yeast from Tokushima Prefecture."