Mimurosugi Junmai Ginjo 720 ml


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Size: 720 ml

Class: Junmai Ginjo

Sake Meter Value: +3.0

Rice: Yamadanishiki

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 60%

Brewery Location: Nara Prefecture

Food Pairings:A sake that can pair with any thing. Oden, Grilled fish marinated in shio koji, cheese etc.

Tasting Notes: A refreshing ginjo aroma that resembles ramune. Fresh and tender on the palate with a clean sharp acidity, This junmai ginjo is clean and clear with no off-flavors and has a moderate body and juicy umami.

Brewery: Imanishi Shuzo (founded:1660)

Established in 1660 in Miwa, Nara, known as the resting place of god of sake, Mimurosugi has been brewing for more than 350 years. They are devoted to the "god of sake" and "god of brewing" and brewing for Omiwa Shrine, Japan's oldest shrine. The brewery's slogan is "to drink Miwa". They use water from their wells in the brewery which draws ground water from the sacred Mt. Miwa The rice used is grown with the same water by specially contracted farms.