Michinoku Onikoroshi 300ml


Size: 300 ml

Class: Honjozo

Rice: N/A

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 60%

Brewery Location: Miyagi Prefecture

Food Pairings: May pair with any and all cuisines

Tasting Notes: As the name "Onikoroshi" or the "Demon Slayer" suggests, Michinoku Onikoroshi is known for its dry and brisk flavor.  It's well-rounded flavor will compliment a wide variety of dishes.

Brewery: Uchigasaki Sake Brewing Co., LTD (founded: 1661)

1618, Upon making a new road between Oshu Kaido Yoshioka Inn and Nanakita Inn, Uchigasaki Chikugo (later renamed Oribe) made by the Masamune Date, the Command center Tomiya Station.  In 1661 the son of Oribe, Sakuemon, started brewing sake in the prefecture.  In the Year of Keio they rebuilt the factory with huge white walls and with the advice of their ancestors expanded.  With the pain and hard work this would take they knew they would also enjoy the pleasures that would come from such a factory.  For the next 346 years it continues to be one of the longest and most historic sake breweries in Japan’s History.  To this day they continue to keep the tradition and handmade technique used by southern master brewers.  Waking up very early in the morning everyday to use natures cold tempuratures to make the sake.  This is a very slow technique but is the best for creating great luxury sake.  They have earned the reputation being called "The Land of Taste."