Kuroushi Omachi Junmai Ginjo 180ml


Size:  180 ml

Class: Junmai Ginjo

Sake Meter Value:  +3.5

Rice: Omachi

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 50%

Brewery Location: Wakayama Prefecture

Food Pairings: Best served chilled.  Pairs with most dishes.

Tasting Notes:  Aromas of citrus such as muscat grape with soft mellow taste. On the palate, clean ans abundant layers of flavor with a long finish.

  Nate Shuzo (founded: 1866)

Kuroe, Kainan City, located about 10 km south of Wakayama City, is a town of craftsmen that has prospered as a lacquerware production area since the Muromachi period. It was once a secluded cove and a place of scenic beauty that was described in the Manyoshu as "Kuroushigata", and it is said that there was a rock in the shape of a black cow on the beach near the storehouse. After that, the town area of ​​Kuroe, whose name comes from Kuroushi, was formed due to upheaval and reclamation caused by the earthquake. In 1866 (Keio 2), it was the master Genbei who started sake brewing with lacquerware craftsmen who were prospering at that time as customers. Yuhei's third son, Genbei, who was originally from Konan, Yasuhara Village (currently a farmer's village in the southeastern part of Wakayama City), was accepted as an apprentice by a fertilizer dealer (master shop) and received a goodwill. I tried but failed, and I was stuck in a back alley too narrow to pass through with an umbrella. After being hired back to the head family and training, he bought the shares of the sake brewery that had been brewing during the Edo period, which was located slightly north of the current brewery, with 200 ryo borrowed from the head family, and this time he succeeded. is the history.