Kurokame 750ml


Size: 750 ml

Type of Shochu: Otsu Rui

Main Ingredient: Rice (KOME)

Alcohol: 24

Distillery Location: Kagoshima Prefecture

Food Pairings: Boldly flavored dishes such as Pork Belly "Kakuni" and fried dishes like Tempura  

Tasting Notes: Made traditionally by using Black Koji, and preparing in a Kame (earthenware vase). Both contribute to this Shochu's extra aromatic, rich and smooth character. 

Distillery: Kami / Takara (Founded: 1872)

Kami Shuzo of Izumi city, Kagoshima Prefecture, was established in 1872. Their motto is to "Cherish the brewery, and diligently create the flavor of Tradition".