Hojun Zuiyo 300ml


Size: 300 ml

Class: Junmai

Rice: N/A

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 65%

Brewery Location: Kumamoto Prefecture

Food Pairings: Appetizers, This Sake pairs well with many dishes, even BBQ meats.

Tasting Notes: With one sip, the flavor of gentle rice UMAMI will hint mild, mellow sake. But in fact Hojun Zuiyo is quite dry (+5.0) with a nice acidity level. Well-known sake critics mentioned "This Sake fits North American dishes. It is an American Type of Sake."  Dry, yet mild and mellow.

Brewery:  Zuiyo Co. LTD. (founded: 1867)

Founded in Kumamoto Zuiyo Co. has thrived as first starting as a red wine farm.  They soon started to brew sake and then grew and invested into more farms and factories.  Their products range from different types of red wines, pure rice wines, sake and shochu.