• Hakuten Hozan 750ml


    Size: 750 ml

    Type of Shochu: Otsu Rui

    Main Ingredient: Sweet Potato (IMO)

    Alcohol: 25

    Distillery Location: Kagoshima Prefecture

    Food Pairings: Sea Bream Carpaccio, Sushi

    Tasting Notes: Nishi Shuzo fixated on drawing out the maximum potential of white koji in this Hakutake Hozan.  This shochu offers approachable plump aroma of potatos with luscious mellow sweetness while still finishing sharp.  As with most imo shochu, best to drink as oyuwari or with hot water to bring out the best qualities of the shochu.  Also, recommend trying this shochu side-by-side with Tomino Hozan made using yellow koji and Kiccho Hozan which is made using black koji to taste the differences in profiles.

    Distillery: Nishi (founded: 1845)

    Believing that good shochu, like a good harvest, is nothing less than a gift from the earth, Nishi Shuzo only uses potatoes and rice grown by local farmers. Additionally the brewery itself is surrounded by mountains, and thus they are blessed with good water.