Gankutsuoh 750ml


Size: 750 ml

Type of Shochu: Otsu Rui

Main Ingredient: Rice (KOME)

Alcohol: 25

Distillery Location: Miyazaki Prefecture

Food Pairings: Sashimi, Grilled Fish, Lightly Seasoned Fried Dishes.

Tasting Notes: Has a light floral aroma and easy, soft mouthfeel. This is achieved by using rice polished down to 55% for the Yellow Koji, like Ginjo Sake, creating the flowery characteristics. It is finished off by being poured into large porcelain pots which are then stored in caves and left to age.

Distillery: Takara - Kurokabegura (founded: 1952)

Kurokabegura is located in Miyazaki Prefecture, in the nature-rich Takanabe-cho. To the East sits the Hyuga Bay and to the north they overlook the Osuzu mountains. They are very particular about their commitment to quality materials, distillation and aging. Kurokabegura is a result of Takara Shuzo's accumulated skills and tradition, and they invest all their time and effort into making their Shochu.