• Takara Jun 750ml


    Size: 750 ml

    Type of Shochu: Koh Rui

    Main Ingredient: Grain 

    Alcohol: 35

    Distillery Location: Kyoto Prefecture

    Food Pairings: Very light and clean taste, milder and more complex than Vodka.

    Tasting Notes: Crafted by painstakingly blending eleven types of aged Shochu. From this symphony of spirits, we are graced with a premium-grade Koh-Rui Shochu with a distinct fragrance and mild flavor. Jun is the finest quality Koh-Rui. It's perfect to enjoy on the rocks. Jun is also great as a cocktails base.

    Distillery: Takara Shuzo Co., LTD (founded: 1909)

    Proprietary brewing and storage technologies garnered over many years have consistently enabled Takara Shuzo to realize shochu products that satisfy changing consumer preferences and develop the shochu market continually. For ko-type shochu, Takara Shuzo has built the largest share of the market for premium shochu blended with 3% barrel-aged shochu Gokujo Takara Shochu as well as the long-seller, Takara Shochu Jun, among other brands based on No.1 ko-type shochu brand, Takara Shochu, which has a reputation steeped in tradition and reliability. Meanwhile in the honkaku shochu market, Takara Shuzo has launched and nurtured a range of unique shochu products for the discerning palate such as Ikkomon, a 100% sweet-potato-based shochu and Shirashinken honkaku barley shochu, which accentuates the rich flavor of barley, as well as original products like Yokaichi, which caters to those who wish to enjoy shochu casually with their evening meal.