• Aruga Branca Brilhante 750ml


    Size: 750 ml

    Alcohol by Volume: 11%

    Vineyard Location: Yamanashi Prefecture

    Tasting Notes: They pay special attention to the indigenous Japanese "Koshu grapes" which have been grown in Katsunuma for over 1,280years.  Each bottle of this wine has carbon dioxide, which is produced by the fermentation of the grapes, and sealed inside the bottle.  Please enjoy elegance and refreshing flavor of Koshu grapes.  Diamond-like Sparkling White Aruga.

    Winery: Katsunama Jyozo (founded: 1937)

    Katsunuma Jyozo is one of Yamanashi’s top producers of Koshu wines. Using exclusively grapes grown in Katsunuma-cho, it controls every winemaking step from viticulture to bottling. Katsunuma is relatively new among the world’s great winemaking regions. Grapes have been grown here for 1,000 years but wine only produced for 130 years. Katsunuma Jyozo however, continues the tradition established by its founder, producing and improving wines that express to the full Katsunuma’s history and culture, fully committed to the principle that wine exists to allow connoisseurs to savour the terroir in which the grape is grown.