• Jinyu Ukiyoe "Blowing Vidro" 720ml


    Size: 720 ml

    Class: Junmai

    Rice: Bizen Omachi

    Rice-Polishing Ratio: 65%

    Brewery Location: Chiba Prefecture

    Food Pairings: Appetizers - Main, Compliments a variety of dishes.

    Tasting Notes: This Jinyu label is only made available in the U.S., featuring prominent Ukiyo-e artwork depicting the world-famous Japanese cultural art of Kabuki.  The "Woman Blowing Vidro (glass)" is characterized by its white Koji, used to create a refreshing balance of citrusy acid and sweetness, we hope you will enjoy from a wine glass.

    Brewery:  Nabedana Inc. (founded: 1689)

    Nabedana's ancestors have started brewing SAKE in NARITA by NARITASAN Temple for more than 320 years ago in a period called EDO, the era of TOKUGAWA SHOGUNATE. The brewing license, at first, was given by a local lord, and the Narita brewery was the only production facility site for the first 200 years of our history.  As brewing business went on and well, they were able to expand the business by acquiring other production facilities. One of them was Kouzaki brewery, acquired in 1897. Later they maintained four production sites at one time including the one in Kobe, but unfortunately, in the beginning of World War II, due to the severe rice shortage, they were forced to choose one production site and close the others. Consequently we chose Kouzaki. The reasons were that Kouzaki site was the biggest in terms of square, had a relatively better access to rice at the time, and had abundant water in good quality, all compared to others. Since then, they have been brewing JINYU, our main brand, for the last few decades at the Kouzaki brewery. We have made brewing the finest sake a family tradition for more than 3 centuries.  Their brewing motto, “never compromise” has been passed on to more than 19 generations.