• Capitan 10 Years 750ml


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    Size: 750 ml

    Type of Shochu: Otsu Rui

    Main Ingredient: Barley (MUGI)

    Alcohol: 35

    Distillery Location: Nagasaki Prefecture

    Food Pairings: Goes well with many Japanese dishes or by itself straight or on the rocks.

    Tasting Notes: Capitan 10 Years Barley Shochu is ripened in an oak barrel for 10 years resulting in a significantly deeper, complex brew. Capitan is thoroughly aromatic with a pleasantly rich fragrance of oak from the barrel which harmonizes exquisitely with its earthy barley flavor. The taste is mellow on the tongue with prolonging subtle sweetness.

    Distillery: Fukuda Shuzo (founded: 1688)

    In 1688 they acquired an exclusive license to sell their sake in the domain of Hirado. The founder, Fukuda Choujibeimon fostered the technique with the belief that “The spirit of making sake involves making sake with one’s heart and letting the wind of Hirado mature the sake”. The steps involved in sake-making were devoted to search for supreme quality without any compromises. The richness in taste developed through the process was not a result of luck or miracle, but it was a culmination of over 300 years of incessant effort made by Toji (sake-making masters). Since the year of foundation, we have stood strong against numerous challenges, and we will continue our quest to perfection holding true to our ancestors’ effort and foresight.